A Second Zambuto scope

4th January 2015

An 8" newtonian with a Zambuto mirror came up for sale on Astro Buy and Sell

I could not resist.

The mirror is quartz and thinner than most 8" mirrors which should give a quick cool down time.
It came with an Orion Optics dobsonian mount which makes it ideal for a visual scope on the patio.
There were also tube rings for mounting on an EQ6 type mount.
The secondary is a 1/30 wave from Antares Optics and is only an 18% obstruction.
This also is ideal for visual work on the Moon and the planets.

The spidervanes are curved - no diffraction spikes.

The main mirror support is a cnc machined one from Orion, and the focuser is a Revelation Crayford.

The weak link is the metal tube which has a few small dents and will probably benefit from flocking.