14th April


I used a webcam to assist in setting up the new EQ6 for polar alignment,
and afterwards took a quick 60 second video of Jupiter.
No Powermate used so the image is small.
Processed with Autostakkert and Registax.
Ganymede was just about to start a transit.

18th April

Clear sky in the daytime so a few images of the Sun.

This shows the amount of rotation of the Sun in 80 minutes.
(Image inverted).

This is the best 30% of 225 images.
Each image 0.05 seconds in Ha
Images monochrome so the colour is false.

Closeup of the sunspots.


It was very windy, so the scope was bouncing all over the place, but seeing seemed quite good.
8" Zambuto scope, TouCam, 2.5x Powermate, 120 second video

22nd April

Solar filter and webcam image of a sunspot.

23rd April

M104 Sombrero galaxy

This is very low down in the sky, and in a light polluted region.
12x10 minutes of Luminance

26th April

The Moon
A mosaic of 7 images taken across the terminator with the Lifecam.

Each video was 2 minutes long at 10 fps.
Stacked with Autostakkert, wavelets in Registax and mosaic with Photoshop

Detail of the Vallis Alpes Rift