2nd April

The Moon

While waiting for the sky to darken I took 100 exposures, 0.32 seconds, using the SII filter.
This is the best 25%, stacked with Registax.


No images of this galaxy since March/April 2012 when there was a supernova.
This is 12x10 minutes in luminance.

4th April
Tarantula nebula ngc2070
Some more data collected from Australia.
This is now 8x300 seconds.

4th April
The Moon

Similar exposures and method as two days ago.

7th April
The Moon

A crop showing the crater Copernicus

8th April
The Moon

This shows the feature known as Schroeter's Valley.
This is the canal like structure near crater Aristarchus.

ic405 Flaming Star nebula

16 frames of 600 seconds each in Ha of the northern part of ic405.
Mosaic created with Registar and Photoshop.

22nd April

ngc3338 galaxy in Leo
Leo has many well known galaxies such as M95, M96.
This is a less familiar galaxy.
15x10 minutes luminance

27th April

ngc3324 using the iTelescopes remotely in Australia.
ngc3324 is on the outskirts of the Carina nebula.
(6x5 minutes)