August 2nd 2008

NGC7331 in Pegasus

6" Newtonian, Canon 350D, 18*120seconds

Much improved compared to single image taken in July

Satellite traces often show up in images, but this one is unusual in that it shows two satellites. The image was taken at 23:19:59 and the satellites are classified USA satellites (2005-04A and C). The tracks are very nearly parallel.

August 22nd 2008

NGC6826 in Cygnus

Wispy cloud covered the sky shortly after setting up the equipment. Nevertheless, the planetary nebula was still visible as a small bright blue ball.
The clouds rapidly got thicker so very few images were useable.
This is a single 30 second exposure. Stacking images did not produce much improvement.

Slightly enlarged. The two 'ears' are just visible.

Compare with the the Hubble image...