August 12th

Nova RS Ophiuchi

This recurrent nova has undergone another outburst - now a visible object in dark skies.

Magnitude measure with Maxim was 6.27
Astrometrica gave 6.1

I can now resume the nova patrol in M31

Two objects spotted - one was a nova detected on August 9th. It turned out to be a recurrent nova, seen in 1997and 2001.
Magnitude is dim, and a few outbursts may have been missed.

The second object turned out to be a Red Supergiant that has brightened.
2MASS J00414724+4115377 -- Red supergiant star

August 22nd

Nova RS Ophiuchi now dimmer. Maxim measured magnitude 7.87
Astrometrica gave 7.7

August 26th

Sunshine gave a chance to test th e newly created Mylar solar filter for the 10".
This is the best 25% of 100 images - solar filter and Ha filter, 0.03 seconds exposure.

Large scale