4th December

M31 Andromeda galaxy
Two panel Mosaic,
17x10 minutes, top half
20x10 minutes lower half
There hasn't been a supernova in M31 since 1885 so we are well overdue.

9th December

Poor sky with considerable Moonlight.
This is 12x10 minutes. It may not be possible to merge this with the preceding two
panels because the Moon introduced gradients.

The gradients were a problem, but careful adjustment in photoshop using curves managed
to even the edges up and a 3 pane mosaic was made.

While waiting for M31 to rise I took several shots of the Moon in OIII.
Each shot was 0.3 seconds
This is the best 20 images stacked in Registax

20th December, around 7am

C/2013 R1 Comet Lovejoy

Clear sky in the morning. Some problems with condensation in the camera and the Sun was rising fast.
I got 6 frames each in Red, Green and Blue, and each was 40 seconds
The blue in the tail is just visible.

28th December

Five adjacent panes now completed.

The four central panes:

With the fifth pane (and rotated)