11th February

February has had poor weather so these images were taken remotely
with the big 70cm scope at Itelescope in Siding Spring, Australia

M42 Orion Nebula
Single luminance image, 60 seconds.

Tarantula nebula ngc2070
4x120 seconds luminance

Omega Centauri globular cluster ngc5139
1x120 seconds luminance

ngc5139 is the largest globular cluster. It is not visible from the UK.

These DSS images compare ngc5139 to M13, the largest northern hemisphere globular:

13th February

Venus is particularly bright at the moment. It is not usually visible from the observatory
but tonight was just visible over my rooftop. With the QSI camera it is very small
so this is much enlarged:

To the naked eye the crescent shape is not visible but is evident in the photograph.

14th February

Centaurus A galaxy, ngc5128

Using the remote Australian T27 scope. 3x120 seconds luminance