January 7th

Nova in M33

For an exciting few minutes I thought I had found a new nova in M33.
A few checks showed that it had been discovered 2015/12/27 by E. Conseil

The total of M33 images I have now is 32 x 10 minutes.
Fainter regions are now starting to show well.

January 14th

Possible nova spotted in M31

Several emails flew around the Internet to see if this was indeed a new nova.
After some time it became clear that this was a fresh outburst from M31 2015-10b.
This is unusual behaviour. Novae tend to flare up and then lie dormant for a very long time.

Traces of the nova were seen on older images. This compares Jan14 to Nov13:

January 20th

Bright Moon meant narrowband had to be used. This is M42 in Ha.
4x600 sec, 2x300 sec, 5x100 sec

24th January

Four pane mosaic made from all the M32 images so far.

Stitching done with Microsoft ICE.
Approximately 20x10 minutes for each pane.