9th January

Nova M31N 2018-11b (AT 2019jas)

Still detectable 44 days after discovery at about magnitude 19.5

28th January

Nova discovery in M31

A new object was spotted on three 600 second images.
A quick check of TNS, CBAT, asteroids and previous novae showed
no other objects at that position, so I sent a post to TNS.
They gave the designation of AT 2019agt
The nova is very close to the bright core, so precise astrometry and photometry is difficult.

Soon after I posted the announcement I saw an email from Ron Arbour to Nick James confirming the object.
Nick had seen the object as well, at almost the same time as me.
Apparently Kamil Hornoch had seen something the day before but had not posted an announcement.
Later in the evening Kamil posted an ATEL.

I contacted Matt Darnley hoping that a spectrum could be obtained on the Liverpool telescope.
The object is on their list, subject to weather and the low position of M31 in their sky.

30th January

Nova discovery in M31

The object is now much brighter - mag 16.5