5th July

Barnards' star
19x30 seconds

I have imaged this star in 2009,10,11 but missed it last year.
Barnard's star has the greatest proper motion and is whizzing Northwards at 10.3 arc seconds per year

This animation compares 2009 with 2013

July 9th

While taking some shots of ngc5466 I recorded this image:
(Green filter, 600 seconds)

It could have been a meteor flash, but a satellite 'blinking' was more likely.
I could not locate anything in Heavens Above or Calsky but 'Stella' over at SPA confimed that it was Iridium 44
This plot shows the image overlaid on the Calsky image.

July 14th

Comet Lemmon C/2012 L6

This is rapidly receding. It is in a light polluted area of the sky, so difficult to capture.
This is 23 x 3 minute exposures. The image is inverted.

July 19th

Lunar mosaics
Taken with the Microsoft Lifecam. Each pane from 2 minute videos, processed with Registax