July 11th  

Supernova SN 2020nlb in galaxy M85 has brightened considerably.
It is hard to see from my location - it dissappears behind the roof before the sky gets really dark.
However, enough images were obtained to measure the magnitude at 12.1
It was mag 17.0 in the image from June 25th.

Barnard's Star
This continues its Northward journey. This compares the 2020 position with 2009.

July 12th    
Early morning.

Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise  finally became visible from my location.
This is 7 x 30 second images stacked in DeepSkyStacker.
70mm lens on DSLR, tracking with Star Adventurer.

July 19th

The comet is now visible in the evening sky, but very much dimmer.
This is 30 x 30 seconds

July 27th

The comet is now viewable from the observatory.
44 x 60 seconds with the 10" reflector

15x 60 seconds with the 10" reflector - more noise, but perhaps more detail.
Structure in the tail changes quite quickly, so stacking more images can blur detail.

July 30th

Near the star Sadr in Cygnus are large areas of nebulosity - often referred to as the Sadr Nebula.
This is one such area - 13 x 600 seconds Ha filter