1st June 2010

6" Newtonian, SXVF-M25C, 24x4minutes
3rd June 2010
6" Newtonian, SXVF-M25C, 17x5minutes
The above image was processed using the SXV software. Very little colour was left in the image. A defect map was made to eliminate hot pixels which seems to have worked very well. Stacking with DeepSky Stacker, and stretching and colour balance with Photoshop. The stars have much more colour than before - note the three stars in a line in top left corner.
No flats used, so there was quite bad vignetting.
12th June 2010
M13 Globular Cluster in Hercules
10" Newtonian, Canon 350D, 14x1minute
21st June 2010
M51 Whirlpool galaxy
10" Newtonian, SXVR-M25C, 27x3minutes
The first image with the Starlight Xpress camera on the 10" reflector.
No flat files hence bad vignetting. No coma corrector and possible sensor tilt hence distorted stars.

Move the mouse over the image to compare with the Hubble photo.


22nd June 2010
Barnard's Star
This star has the greatest proper motion of any star at 10.3 arcseconds per year. Another image was taken exactly one year ago.
To compare the position today with last year's image, click here.