Microsoft Lifecam

I picked up a second hand, astro-modified Lifecam.
This webcam can capture images at 30 frames per second at HD resolution (1280x720)
It has an IR filter fitted.

The first trial image showed quite a bit of dust on the chip.

   Isopropyl alcohol and an improvised swab was employed


The cleaned chip. Only two small specks are left near the right margin.
They resist all attempts to remove them but being at the edge are not a problem.

The crater Copernicus. The image covers a wider area of the Moon than the Toucam did,
and the small pixel size of the Lifecam gives a higher resolution image.

This compares the Lifecam (upper) with the Toucam (lower)
to show the scale and area covered.

Some Lunar mosaics from July 19th.