Links to interesting and useful sites

  Listen for meteor radio reflections
The Air Force Space Surveillance Radar transmits a 216.98 MHz signal into the heavens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Meteors, satellites and spacecraft passing overhead reflect those signals back down to Earth. The radar's primary antenna is located near Lake Kickapoo, Texas.
  Angular Separation calculator If coordinates for two objects are entered this spreadsheet will calculate the angular separation between them.
  A comparison of astronomical sizes Just how tiny is the Earth?
  Space A superb site for keeping you up to date with what is happening
  Society for Popular Astronomy
  Mostly British members
  Met Office Weather map Useful for seeing if clear skies
are on the way!
  Astronomy Picture of the Day Stunning images of celestial objects
  Nasa Space Station Tracking
Predictions of passes of the International Space Station
  Heavens Above Satellite, Asteroid, Planet predictions
  Digitized Sky Survey   Photographs of the whole sky.
Something to compare your images with.