March 2nd 2013

C/2012 S1 Comet ISON
This is still very faint.

The expected position at 7:45 pm was RA 06 49 37.5 DEC +31 30 22

This platesolve gives RA 06 49 37.45 DEC 31 30 22.9

This shows the movement in 20 minutes. (Look near centre of image).
A short tail can be seen to the left of the comet.

IC 443 Jellyfish nebula

Total of 25 10 minute frames in Ha

Different processing to show maximum nebulosity.
I also took a new series of darks which improved the signal to noise ratio.

March 13th


It was very difficult to get. The sky was still bright and I scanned the area with binoculars until I spotted it very low down between bands of clouds. I could not use my 'big' telescope because my house is in the way so I employed a small Skywatcher with my Canon 350D camera. The problem was that the comet was too small and dim to see in the viewfinder so I had to point the telescope and hope for the best. After about 6 minutes of duds I got it, just in time before it went behind a neighbour's house.

This is a 1 second exposure at ISO 800, taken at 19:19:43

  This animation shows the comet taken at intervals of about 20 seconds.

(The apparent movement of the comet is due to the Earth's rotation, not the speed of the comet!)

rotating image