2nd March

Carina nebula, ngc3372
Poor weather persists in the UK.
This is with telescope T13 at iTelescopes in Siding Spring, Australia.
The scope is a Takahashi Sky90, fitted with a colour camera.

3x300 seconds.

15th March
IC410 has the 'Tadpoles'. This is 10x10 minutes in Ha

22nd March
IC405 the 'Flaming Star' nebula is quite close to IC410.

This is 14x10 minutes in Ha:

24th March
Messier somehow missed this galaxy in Leo. It was later discovered by Herschel.
ngc2903 is a barred galaxy - the bar runs from upper left to lower right.

15x10 minutes in Luminance

25th March

The constellation Leo has many galaxies in it. This is M105 (centre) with
ngc3384 (above left) and ngc3389 (below left).

14x10 minutes luminance.