20th March

Kamil Hornoch emailed on March 12th to see if anyone had an M31 image
as he had poor conditions and wanted confirmation of a new object.
I had clouds but managed to image it on March 20th.
Very bright, magnitude 15.0

25th March

Ron Arbour was the first to spot this, but did not manage to enter it to TNS because it appeared to be in exactly the same position as an object seen in 2010. It appeared to be a recurrent LBV and there is no easy way to enter it as an object if there are already coordinates at that location.
It has since been identoified as a new supernova, amazing at almost precisely the same spot as the one in 2010.
Supernova ngc3362
5 x 600 seconds luminance

28th March

5 x 600 seconds luminance


cropped image

30th March

Another new target - ngc2841
16 x 600 seconds luminance