2nd May

M86, M84 and several other galaxies - see map for identification
Very windy but the mount withstood the onslaught. No frames wasted!

3rd May

More Virgo galaxies. With the image from 2nd May they make up Markarian's Chain.

Both images combined to show the arc of galaxies that make up Markarian's Chain.

8th May

M87 A large elliptical galaxy in the Virgo cluster, to the south of Markarian's chain. The core has a supermassive black hole which is emitting a powerful jet of matter.

Close up of the core showing the jet. A faint blue colour is visible.

The Hubble image of the jet:

Negative image, showing numerous faint galaxies in the background.

12th May

M51 A start made on the Whirlpool galaxy. 6x10 minutes taken before clouds moved in.
A bright Moon raised the background level.

Full frame

Cropped and enlarged

23rd May

M51 More frames. Sky was much darker than on 12th May