2nd May

Comet ISON is still very faint. It is moving westward and will soon be out of view until later in the year.

5th May

Another ASA user posted an image of ngc4725 so I thought I would have a look at it.
The sky was rather hazy. This is 9x10 minutes in luminance.

13th May

Now 18x10 minutes on ngc 4725
No real improvement on the fainter parts.

26th May

I spent some time doing a 53 star pointing model because the 10" Newtonian is now back on the mount.
When I had finished I had a look at C/2011 L4 Panstarrs and was surprized to see a long tail. This is pointing towards the Sun, so is an 'anti-tail'.
12x2 minutes, Luminance

I then aimed at the ring nebula, M57, to check the roundness of the stars.
5x5 minutes, Luminance

The Mira variable, RX Lyrae, is almost invisible. See August 2011 for when it was much brighter.
The magnitude varies from about 10 to 16.
Photometry shows it is 16.3 now (uncalibrated, not V filter)