17th May

M82 Supernova
Magnitude of the supernova is now down to 13.897


I got another 5x10 minutes in luminance before high clouds came over.

25th May

There is a new supernova in M106.
It is very close to the galaxy core and is therefore very hard to image.

From the BAA
'A new supernova has been discovered near the core of M106 (NGC4258) at RA 12:18:57.71 Dec. +47:18:11.3 (J2000) placing it almost in the very centre of this barred spiral galaxy. It was discovered on 2014 May 19.25 by Pan-STARRS1 at about mag 15.0. It is currently (2014 05 21.888) at about mag 13.5'

The core of the galaxy - the supernova is visible but only just.

Some wavelet sharpening to show the SN more clearly.