2nd May

Nova in Perseus

DSLR piggybacked on main scope. 200mm

5x90 seconds CCD camera
Nova has dimmed a bit since 30th April

5th May

A bit dimmer still:

I have not imaged M51 with the QSI camera, or with the 20cm reflector.
It was last imaged in colour when the supernova occured in August 2011.

This is 14x600 seconds in luminance:

A cropped image:

6th May

8x600 seconds

7th May

4x600 seconds on M108

8th May

4x600 seconds on ngc2787

4x600 seconds

10th May

A fairly dim and sparse galaxy ic2574
4x10 minutes

2x10 minutes

2x10 minutes

13th May

2x 600 seconds

I took several images of Phecda to investigate the flare present on the images of  M109 on May 6th.

With the star near the centre of the image there is no flare:

Near the corner still no flare. Extra diffraction type artefact which often occurs when a bright star is near the edge of the ccd sensor.

With the star off the sensor the flare is more pronounced:

Now a large oval ghost appears:

17th May
8 x 120 seconds from iTelescopes in Australia