7th November

This nova discovered 2015/11/06.990 (magnitude 19) by Gloria Sala et al. is at the limit of detection with my scope.
8" Newtonian - 10 minute exposure

13th November

M31 Andromeda galaxy
6x10 minute subs in luminance of the top-left corner

22nd November
Nova discovery in M31

In the two latest M31 images there is a star-like object that is absent in previous images.
It also does not show up in the DSS image of that region.
A possible nova discovery?

Stacking the two images shows the object clearly.

I emailed Guy Hurst of 'The Astronomer', who put me in touch with Nick James and Denis Buczynski.
They in turn put me in touch with Kamil Hornoch of the Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov, Czech Republic,
who is a renowned discoverer of novae in M31.
Kamil had also imaged M31 that night and had spotted the nova. I sent him this image:

He generously credited me as a co-discover, and a little while later astronomical telegram #ATel8327 was published.
I am deeply indebted to Guy Hurst, Nick James and Denis Buczynski whose efforts allowed my discovery to be recognised.
24th November

There was only a brief spell of clear sky, just enough to get a single 10 minute exposure of M31
With some relief I noted that the nova is still there!

My magnitude estimates show some brightening:

25th November

I now have several images of the bottom left corner of M31, sufficient to produce this image:

27th November
The nova has brightened to mag 17.22