The Observatory  

11th June 2009

The parts for the dome from Pulsar Observatories arrived this morning!

The dome assembled on the patio...

The dome is the 2.7metre diameter version. I have opted for the track and dome, and will be building a substantial brick walled enclosure.

Twenty years ago I built the concrete base at the bottom of the garden in preparation. They say patience is rewarded...

Miraculously, the track fits the base perfectly! (The brick walls will raise the track to the level of the fence panels).
The pier may be used - it was acquired 20 years ago also...

I left a step in the concrete base to accommodate the door. This makes the door much taller to allow easier access.

17th June

Shuttering in place for the rear of the observatory - the 'Store Room'.

This area could also house computers, power supplies etc.


The concrete is poured. The floor will be done on the 22nd.

22nd June
Shuttering removed and base poured.

26th June
The first bricks are laid.

To match the 45 degree angle at the front of the observatory walls, the bricks have been specially cut and glued.

27th June
More brick courses laid...

4th July

The brickwork is now complete.

A view from the attic.

8th July

The flat roof is started.

9th July

Roofing felt applied with reflective coat of silver paint.

12th July

Track now in place.

28th July

After weeks of rain the track is now silicone sealed to the roof and bolted down.

30th July

The dome is in place.

11th August

Shutters are in place. The dome is watertight.

Next job is to get a door made.

 25th August

Curved MDF shelf and fascia in place to hide unsightly nuts and bolts that fix the dome to the roof.

6 inch scope on mount inside the dome.

The dome interior has been painted with chalkboard paint to give a smooth non-reflective coating. The camera flash does not show up on it at all so it seems to be doing a good job!

23rd September

At last ! The door is fitted.

105 days since the dome was delivered.