Olympic Athletics August 2012

I was lucky to get three tickets for the athletics.

First step - on the train to the stadium on August 3rd.

One of the many Olympic volunteers

Railway stations were amazingly clean! Extra staff laid on to help you get on the right train.

Canary Wharf

First view of the Stadium

Stratford Station

Another 'Purple Person' directing us which way to go.

Slow moving queue heading for the Olympic Park

Lots of Army chaps doing a fantastic job

Airport-style security check

Inside the Park!

The Police tended to look a bit fed-up!

Lunch at the biggest McDonalds in the World.

A stroke of genius to fill the place with wild flowers!

Just to prove I was there

Gates to the Stadium still shut

The VIP entertainment area

Where the BBC interviews took place

Not sure what this is...

Spraying the Hockey pitch

The Athletes Village

At last - going through the gates to the Stadium

A peak at the field and track from halfway up the stairs.

Checking the construction - seems solid enough.

The view from my seat. The heat from the flame was considerable!

Things starting to happen - Women's 100 metres, Heptathlon shot put.

This block of seats stayed empty the whole evening!

One of the mens 1500 metres heats. The starter was a Chemistry teacher from Bromsgove School - Margaret Werrett

Athlete post-event interview area

Womens' 10,000 metre final

Day 2. August 4th. Different seating position

Jessica Ennis Long Jump warmup

Mens' 400 metre heats

Oscar Pistorius was too quick - he is behind the woman's head

Pistorius in the centre of the screen

Pistorius after the race

Women's steeplechase

Mens' 100metres heats

Usain Bolt at the start

Jessica Ennis launching her 'Personal Best' last throw

Day 3 - August 9th

Olympic Assistants still cheerful!

Perfect weather conditions

Some views from between the upper and lower tiers

I sneaked down to the trackside to see what views the expensive seats gave...

From my seat at Row 66

Setting out the hurdles for the mens' decathlon

Preparing womens' high jump

High jump under way

Decathlon Hurdles

A Mexican wave approaching

4x400 Mens' relay heats

Decathlon pole vault starts