12th September 2009

6" Newtonian, Canon 350D, 25*30seconds
Neptune's largest moon, Triton, causes the apparent bulge at 4 o'clock

This animation shows Neptune on two nights (9th Sept. and 12th Sept.)
The movement is from left to right.
Note the change in position of Triton.

Sharpest image shows Triton a small distance from Neptune.
Neptune is magnitude 7.8, Triton is magnitude 13.5 which is 191 times dimmer than Neptune.

26th September 2009

NGC6960, Veil Nebula
6" Newtonian, Canon 350D, 17*4 minutes

Different processing to bring out more green and reduce the red

28th September 2009

NGC6992, Veil Nebula, Eastern
6" Newtonian, Canon 350D, 17*3 minutes