4th September 2012

ngc6995 Veil Nebula
WO132, 8x10 minutes in Ha

6th September
Asteroid 2012 QG42

News release from the BAA
Discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey on 2012 Aug 26, this relatively large near-Earth asteroid will be readily observable for northern hemisphere observers between September 4-14 during which time it will attain magnitude 15.0 or brighter. The object probably measures between 200-500 m across and is a current radar target. It will be brightest around September 10-12 when it will reach V=13.6 on average. It passes closest to us around 05h UT on September 14 at a range of about 7.4 lunar-distances (0.019 AU). 2012 QG42 is a potentially hazardous asteroid (PHA) and is unusual in that it passes very close to the opposition point on September 7.

Due to the accurate pointing of the DDM60 mount I found this quite easily.
Below is an animation from 8 5 minutes exposures.

10th September

6 panes blended to make a mosaic of the Veil nebula
For a full size image click here

14th September

More panes added to the veil - 9 in total

September 18th
ngc6888 Crescent nebula
8x10 minutes in Ha

7x10 minutes OIII added. Synthesised green channel

M31 Andromeda galaxy
8x 10 minutes in Ha