2nd September

NGC7380 Wizard Nebula
9x10 minutes in Ha

(The designation ngc7380 actually refers to an open star cluster, not the nebulosity.
The nebula is actually Sh2-142.)

Part of the nebula was cut off so another 6x10 minutes were taken of the adjoining area to make a mosaic.

A cropped image

A bi-colour image, with North upwards.

14th September

Ha, OIII and SII data collected
(Unpleasant blue haloes around some stars)

Less agressive processing - fewer blue haloes.

21st September

Clouds interfered with getting more data on the Wizard, but the Moon was in a clear patch of sky.
I tried some experimental shots using narrowband filters.
Ha and S still gave overexposed areas but the O filter at 0.3 seconds produced a smooth image.

Copernicus crater

Tycho crater

The Terminator

September 29th

I have a bit more data for the mosaic of the Wizard nebula.
Weather has been poor so I only got 4x10 minutes in OIII for the lower half.