10th September

ngc6946 Fireworks galaxy
All subs 10 minutes, 13 lum, 7 red, 10 green, 14 blue
The background had some colour gradients so this processed version has a darker background than I would prefer.

This galaxy has had a large number of supernovae - alas none in my image.

22nd September

I intended to scan M31 for novae and took some images of the Moon as the sky darkened.
This is 40% of 36 frames with the OIII filter.
Processed with Registax.

25th September

The Propellor Nebula DWB-111

16x10 minutes in Ha. There was an almost full Moon, but it did not cause a problem for the Ha filter.

26th September

Propellor nebula - 17x10 minutes of SII data added to make this bicolour: