9th September

Nova discovery M31 Andromeda galaxy

During my regular patrols of M31 I blink two new images with a reference image.
On this occasion it was easy to spot a new object:

Nick James of 'The Astronomer' was able to confirm that there was indeed an object at that location.
This image is a stack of 10 x 600 second images:

Nick James' confirmation image:

Nick contacted TOCP and posted the discovery information here.
As can be seen, other observers spotted it on the same night.
Fortunately Nick was the first to post the discovery!

The nova is very faint on an image from 8th September :

10th September

There was a short break in the clouds - enough to get three images of the nova.
It has brightened considerably and is now at about magnitude 16.6

This sequence from Sept. 1st (before discovery) through to last night shows the stages in brightness.

11th September

Nova perhaps a little brighter?

14th September

This image also shows AT2017gsc, discovered 2017/09/13.854 by Emmanuel Conseil