3rd September

SH2-155 Cave Nebula

All exposures 10 minutes. 18 Ha, 12 SII, 14 OIII
Very little to be seen with the OIII filter.

Different processing. OIII enhanced and less saturated.

7th September

A nebula in Cygnus. Very bright Moon, but the H-alpha filter was up to the task.
18 x 10 minutes

September 9th

Testing the Zambuto telescope.
12x10 minutes of ngc7000, North America nebula in Ha.

September 10th

14x10 minutes using the Zambuto 8"
Wider field of view than with the 10". 38x51 minutes as opposed to 30x40 minutes

21st September

Some test shots of M31 using the Zambuto scope.
12x5 minutes Luminance filter

Image quality looks good, but there is a horizontal line across the lower part of the image.
I suspect that this is a diffraction artefact from the nearby star, Nu And
This is a mosaic made up from my image and the DSS images. Nu And looks like the culprit.
I have made an extended lightshield and will try it out the next clear night.

There are two recent novae in M31, which show up in my images.

PNV J00432372+4122256

PNV J00434997+4114049

September 24th

The carbon fibre tube scope is living up to expectations. I made a 40 star pointing model a few days ago,
and tested the pointing accuracy tonight.
The first star chosen was Vega and the image showed it to be very close to the centre of the frame.
4 other stars followed and then M31.
This is the result. (Observatory light accidentally left on, so the M31 image is fogged).

The errors in pixels were:
48, 62, 42, 28, 49, 58, 49
which corresponds to :
57, 74, 50, 33, 58, 69, 58 in arcseconds

The average pointing error in arcseconds is 57
RMS error is 33 arcseconds