ASA DDM60Pro mount
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19th January 2010

After an agonising wait, the mount finally arrived. I tracked it's journey from Austria on the DHL website:

Linz Austria to Eindhoven to Gatwick to Birmingham and finally to my house.

A single package contained the mount, counterweight shaft and counterweights and was very heavy.

Here is the mount in foetal position, straight out of the box.
Polar axis adjusted and counterweight shaft with one weight attached.
The DEC axis locking screw was quite difficult to find, being hidden on the saddle plate.  
Location of RA axis locking screw  
Connectors at rear of RA axis.

For initial polar alignment there is a built in laser which is switched on with the middle button.
These connectors are on the declination axis.

Frank Griffith on the Yahoo ASA group explained how these function. Items such as filter wheels, focusers etc need power, and the power is fed through the mount to emerge at these connectors. Any data that needs to be transmitted is also fed through the mount. This reduces the number of cables that are often seen draped all over the place.

On the opposite side from the three connectors above are three USB ports.

The single USB connection at the rear of the RA axis is then split into three ports which are available for focusers, filter wheels etc.

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