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Updated 26th June 2023
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 June M22

 M101 supernova SN2023ixf

 April Lambda Centauri region: Lagoon Nebula, Trifid Nebula

March Alnitak, Flame and Horsehead Nebulae; ngc3324; M78
Rosette Nebula

February Nova AT2022abzg in M31; M42 Orion nubula; ngc2074; Moon

 January Flame Nebula, Horsehead nebula

 March New nova in M31:  Moon; JWST test star

 January James Webb Space Telescope

 December Tarantula Nebula

 November Rosette Nebula

 October Helix Nebula; Sculptor Galaxy NGC253

 September M31;  Sunspots

 August Nova RS Ophiuchi;  Objects in M31; The Sun

 March Moon; Medusa Nebula

2020   December Jupiter Saturn conjunction; M31

 September Sadr nebula mosaic

 July Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise; SN2020nlb in M85; Barnard's Star,  Sadr nebula

 June Moon; Quasar  PS1 J161737.78+595020.1; supernova in M85

 May Moon; ngc4013; supernova in M61; ngc3628; ngc5466; Quasar  QSO 0957+561

April Moon, Medusa Nebula; Castor; Pollux; M65; M66; ngc2419

March Moon; Comet C/2019 Y4 ATLAS, M81

 February M78;

2019   December Nova in M31, AT2019wvf

 November Transit of Mercury, novae AT 2019rsi; AT 2019pihAT 2019uky

 October Nova in M31, AT 2019rsi; new object in M31; nova AT 2019tsc

September M57 Ring Nebula; Nova in M31 AT 2019qcg

 August Barnard's Star

April M97

 March M31 nova; supernova in ngc3362; ngc3079; ngc2841

 February Moon; Flare star Rosino 66; nova in Monoceros; M42 LRGB; M1 Crab Nebula; 3 asteroids

 January M31 nova AT2018jasM31 nova AT2019agt

2018   December AT 2018 jib in M31; M31 nova AT2018jas photometry; 46P Wirtanen; Moon; M42; ngc5139 

 November IC1805 Heart nebula; ngc 281 Pacman nebula; Possible nova in M31; asteroid (48601) 1995 BL

 October Novae in M31; Helix Nebula; Asteroid Jablunka

 July Barnard's star; ngc6823

 June Object in M31; supernova SN 2018cow; nova in Scutum

 May Nova in Perseus V392 Per; M51; M109; M108; ngc2787; ngc3079; ic2574; ngc2403; M82; M106; M17 Scottish Islands and Highlands

 April Nova in Perseus

 February Asteroid 2018 BC flyby; Dwarf nova in Lepus

 January M31 AT 2017ixr, AT 2017ixs;
recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a; M42; asteroid 4435 Holt;
Nova in Musca

2017   December Two mysteries in M31  

   November Nova discovery in M31  

 Portugal Douro River trip

   September Nova discovery in M31; another nova in M31

   July Lagoon nebula, M8; Barnard's star  

   April Moon; galaxy M95; Tarantula nebula ngc2070; Flaming Star Nebula IC405; ngc3338; ngc3324  

   March Carina nebula, ngc3372; IC410 'Tadpoles'; Flaming Star Nebula IC405 ; ngc2903 barred galaxy; M105; ngc3384; ngc3389  

   February Orion nebula M42; Tarantula nebula ngc2070; Omega Centauri cluster ngc5139; Venus  

   January Asteroid (206509) 2003 UX124; Asteroid (101742) 1999 FO7; Centaurus A galaxy, ngc 5128; nova in M31; Venus  

 2016  December Nova in M33; Novae in M31; Pleiades M45  

   November Novae in M31; Supermoon; Milky Way; Supernova AT2016ino  

   October Asteroid 2000 SE311  

 September Nova Delphini 2013; Novae in M31  

 August Perseid meteors; Star trails; M31 novae; Barnard's Star  

 July Sun and sunspots  

   May Jupiter; Transit of Mercury, Moon  

   April Hubble Deep Field; Supernova in ngc3631  

 March M81; Sirius; M96  

 February M42 Orion nebula; nova in M31  

   January M33 and nova; M31; Orion Nebula M42  

 2015  December Nova M31 2015-11c; nova in M33  

   November Nova in M31; M31, Nova discovery in M31 2015-11c  

   October Nova in M31; asteroid 2015 TB145  

   September ngc6946 Fireworks Galaxy; Moon; SWB-111 Propellor Nebula  

 August Barnard's Star; ngc6946 Fireworks Galaxy  

 July M57 Ring nebula  

   May The Sun, Sunspots  

 April Jupiter; The Sun, Sunspots; M104 Sombrero galaxy; the Moon Robin: Sundog

   March 2004 BL86 asteroid; The Sun and sunspots; Solar eclipse  

   February 2004 BL86 asteroid; Horse Head Nebula; Nova in M31  

   January C/2014 Q2 comet Lovejoy; 2004 BL86 asteroid  

 2014  December ngc7008 Fetus nebula; M33  

   November Pelican Nebula  

   October Moon; SH2-112  

   September SH2-155 Cave Nebula; SH2-112; ngc7000; M31 Squirrel

   August Pluto; M16 Eagle nebula; Cocoon nebula IC5146; Comet Jacques C/2014 E2: SH2-155 Cave Nebula Small Tortoiseshell

   July Barnard's Star; Cocoon nebula IC5146 ; M16 Eagle Nebula: Albireo double star  

   June Saturn  

   May Supernova in M82; M101; Supernova in M106  

   April Moon, Supernova in M82; M101  

   March M82 supernova; ngc 2261 Hubble's Variable Nebula; ic2177 Seagull Nebula; Jupiter; Moon  

   February M82 supernova  

   January M31 Andromeda galaxy; Supernova SN 2014J in M82; HorseHead nebula; Campo Del Cielo meteorite  

2013  December M31 Andromeda galaxy; Half Moon; Comet Lovejoy C/2013 R1  

   November ngc7635 Bubble Nebula; Comet Lovejoy C/2013 R1; Comet Ison C/2012 S1; M31 Andromeda galaxy  

   October IC1395 Elephant Trunk nebula; Moon in O filter  

   September ngc7380 Wizard nebula; Moon in O filter  

   August Vega; Supernova in M74 2013ej; Uranus; ngc6888 Crescent nebula; Nova in Delphinus; Neptune  

   July Barnard's star; Iridium flare; Comet Lemmon C/2012 L6; Moon  

   June Comet Panstarrs; M13 globular cluster; Moon  

   May Comet ISON, ngc4725; Panstarrs, M57, RX Lyrae  

   April Comet Panstarrs; Supernova in M65; M82 with Ha; Panstarrs in Ha, ngc7822 Lake District

   March Comet Ison; IC443 Jellyfish nebula; C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS)  

   February NGC 2024 Flame nebula, Barnard 33 Horsehead, C/2012 S1 comet Ison; M1 Crab Nebula; Asteroid 2012 D14; IC443 Jellyfish  

   January Horsehead nebula; Comet ISON  

   2012  December M31 Andromeda galaxy; ngc1499 California nebula; M74 galaxy;  

   November M31 Andromeda Galaxy; ngc7331; Stephan's Quintet; M42 - Orion Nebula  

   October ngc6888 Crescent nebula; nova; LDN889; M31  

   September ngc6995 Veil nebula; asteroid 2012 QG42; Crescent nebula ngc6888; Andromeda galaxy M31;  

   August No astronomy - poor weather!  Olympic Athletics

   July Testing the William Optics 132, M13, M57, ngc7000, Pelican Nebula  Sunbow and Sundog

   May Solar astronomy  

   April M95 supernova  

   March Moon; Rosette nebula; M95 supernova; NGC2174 Monkey Head Nebula; ngc2264 Cone Nebula  

   February M35, ngc2518  

 2011  October ngc6781 in Aquila; ngc6960 - Veil Nebula  

   September Supernova in M101; M57 - Ring Nebula, RX Lyrae variable; IC5070 - Pelican Nebula; M27 - Dumbbell nebula  

   August M51 - supernova; M57 - ring nebula; C/2009 P1 - comet Garradd; M27 - Dumbbell nebula; Supernova in M101  

   July M51 - Supernova; M31 - Nova; Abell2065 - galaxy cluster  Chameleon

   June M63 - Sunflower galaxy; M51 - Supernova; Barnard's Star; Asteroid 2011MD; Abell39 - planetary nebula  

   May M84, M86 plus other Virgo galaxies - Markarian's Chain; M87 plus jet; M51 Whirlpool galaxy  

   April M82 - Bode's Nebula; ngc 2403; Mosaic of M81 and M82;
ngc 2392 - Eskimo nebula; M65, M66, NGC3628 - Leo Triplet

   March M1 - Crab Nebula, M45 - Pleiades, Asteroid Arachne, M81 - Bode's galaxy; Perseus Double Cluster  

   February M31 - scope modification  

 2010      October

   September M57 - Ring Nebula  Dagger Moth Caterpillar

   August M27 - Dumbbell Nebula, M57 - Ring Nebula, M13 Globular Cluster, M92 - Globular Cluster  

   July M13 - Globular cluster, M57 - Ring Nebula  July

   June M51 - Whirlpool galaxy, M81 - Bode's galaxy, M13 - Globular Cluster, Barnard's star  Street lighting

   May Nova - Pegasus; M57 - Ring Nebula  

   April M35 - Cluster, M65, M66, NGC3628 - Leo Triplet  

   February NGC1977 - Running Man Nebula, M1 - Crab Nebula  

   January M42 - Orion nebula; Distance to Mars  

2009  November M27 - Dumbbell nebula, Nova in Eridanus  

   October NGC7000 - North America nebula  

   September Neptune, Veil Nebula, NGC6960 and NGC6992   September Squirrel visitor

   August NGC7000 - North America nebula  

   June M13 - Globular Cluster, M57 - Ring Nebula, Barnard's Star  

   May M5 - Globular Cluster  

   April M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy, Moon, supernova 2009dd  

   March Comet Lulin, M65, M66, NGC3628 - Leo Triplet, M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy  

Sundog, Lenticular clouds

   January M38 - Open Cluster, M42 - Orion Nebula, Alnitak, NGC 2024 - Flame Nebula, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Moon, Horsehead Nebula, M1 - Crab Nebula, M45 - Pleiades, NGC2244 - Rosette nebula  

2008  December Occultation Moon/Venus, Uranus, Moon, Neptune  

   November Libration of the Moon, M1 - Crab Nebula, Uranus, Neptune November

   October M45 - Pleiades, M31 - Andromeda, M33 - Triangulum Galaxy, Star motion, Image Stacking, M57 reworked, NGC891 in Andromeda October

   September Perseus Double Cluster, M31 - Andromeda, NGC7662 - Blue Snowball nebula, NGC404  

   August NGC7331 in Pegasus, NGC6826 in Cygnus  August

   July M57 - Ring nebula, M27 - Dumbbell nebula, M15 - Globular Cluster, Moon, NGC7331, light pollution  July

   June M5 - Globular Cluster, M13 - Globular Cluster , M57 - Ring nebula, M27 - Dumbbell nebula, First autoguided image, Lyra widefield, Cygnus widefield, Iridium flare, Aquila widefield, Asteroid Juno  June

   May Leo Triplet, Asteroid Astraea, Asteroid Daphne  May

   April Celestial Pole  April


   February Moon, M42 - Orion nebula  

2007      August